RCP SYSTEMS works with precision, innovation and speed

RCP SYSTEMS works with
precision, innovation and speed

Devon Contract Waste Ltd

Choices you make can affect competitiveness and profitability of your business.  All too often purchases are made on price alone, hoping to save a few pounds in the short term. We all know, deep down, that cheapest is never best, but how do you avoid sleepless nights wondering if you’ve made the correct choice with your purchase?

Simon Almond, Managing Director of Devon Contract Waste Ltd,
recently invested in a MAC 111/1 baling press and MAC 1800P conveyor, supplied by RCP Systems, to bale paper, cardboard and to produce RDF. So how can you guarantee value for money and a peaceful night?  Simon tells us how he achieved it.

“They say in life your biggest investment is likely to be your home and of course you spend a lot of time considering all the important factors when making such an investment. Choosing the right baler when you own or run a waste management company is equally as important for making the right decision as its likely to be a costly mistake if you get it wrong.

In 1996 when I bought my current house for the scary sum back then of £108, 000, had I known 21 years later I would be buying a baler costing in excess of £500k and feel relaxed about it I wouldn’t quite believe it. However, being a member of the National Resource Consortium I had the privilege of being able to extract knowledge on baler experiences from some of the biggest independent UK waste management companies. We spoke to those happiest with their balers and visited the ones pushing through the largest tonnages and the most impressive overall was the Macpresse.
We have a much smaller volume to deal with than this baler can handle but we needed to future- proof our capacity, so we opted for the biggest, most robust baler we could fit in the space. If anything it’s a bit too quick.”

The Devon Contract Waste MAC 111/1 baler is powered by twin 55 Kw motors with a baling ram force of 170 tonnes. 
Baling up to 50 tonnes of material per hour depending on loose feed density and material consistency, it produces 1100mm x 1100mm x variable length bales for efficient transportation. Each bale is bound with five horizontal plastic or steel wires depending on application. The baler is fitted with an additional feature to improve bale quality. The new “V” blade technology improves bale integrity and lowers the cutting pressure when harder material is required to be cut as it is baled, making the chance of jamming less frequent. A Siemens PLC has been installed to give real-time reports on the baler performance and data logging with an added feature of remote diagnostics.

Future-proofed and with an RCP Systems maintenance package in place, Simon can rest easy.  If you want peace of mind with your baling operations, call Paul Godfrey on 07808 365866 at RCP Systems today or visit rcp-systems.com.