Powerful shredderfrom RCP SYSTEMS createstorage volume and save energy

Powerful shredder
from RCP SYSTEMS create
storage volume and save energy


Shredder / Hogger

With regard to shredders, RCP SYSTEMS relies on MACPRESSE’s 200 years of business experience.

Jointly, RCP SYSTEMS and MACPRESSE stand for intelligent and efficient technologies in the field of waste shredding. Shredders are mainly used in paper mills, waste paper separating plants and in the packaging industry to shred materials such as cardboard, newspaper bundles, roll cores or books.

Shredded materials have the advantage that bales produced from them are more compact, have a higher density and are thus considerably heavier.  Shredded materials put less strain on balers during the pressing process and reduce balers’ power consumption. In this way, you can make for efficient use of your storage volume, and your recycling plant is up to date from both an ecological and an economic perspective.

RCP SYSTEMS has several shredder models in its range which essentially differ from each other in terms of size and thus of throughput volume. Bulky materials like cardboard, newspaper bundles, roll cores and books can be shredded in the same way as confidential documents. MACPRESSE has a suitable high-performance unit, which if used according to proper planning promises a long life cycle and maximum throughput performance.

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