RCP SYSTEMS uses fluffersfor efficient processingof compact materials

RCP SYSTEMS uses fluffers
for efficient processing
of compact materials



Waste processing is no longer purely a question of environmental protection.

Today, recycling takes its bearings from both economic and ecological perspectives. This is why RCP SYSTEMS works with low-power, long-lasting and maintenance-friendly machines.

When it comes to processing newspaper bundles, magazines, waste sheets of paper or waste continuous forms into pressed bales, use is often made of a fluffer. This hydraulically connectible unit at the feeding end of the baler uses rotating propellers to loosen up materials with a high specific weight and to ensure their even distribution. This will guarantee the production of homogeneous, denser and compact bales, with which your storage volume can be put to more efficient use.

Thanks to the use of a fluffer in conjunction with balers, the power consumption of the downstream press is noticeably lower since no major resistance has to be overcome. The volume of the material to be fluffed can be hydraulically controlled by the operator according to requirements.

RCP SYSTEMS provides you with competent support for the planning of your individual recycling plant, and after the plant has been completed it has optimal options ready for you with its after-sales maintenance agreements.

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