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Conveyor belts

The decisive factor in the choice of the right conveyor belt for your recycling plant is the nature of the material to be conveyed and the type of the machines to be fed.

RCP SYSTEMS mainly supply steel plate conveyor belts, but rubber conveyor belts can also be made available. The special shape of the steel slats fitted to rotating conveyor chains guarantees that no material can get trapped. Damaged slats can easily be replaced. Special gearing ensures that the belt is used in a way that produces minimum wear and tear.

Conveyor belts of various widths between 1,000mm and 2,100mm are available for your individual recycling plant. Our technicians will be glad to work out a project-specific drawing for you. Everything is possible, from a simple feeder belt for balers to a complete sorting and baling plant. For light materials such as waste paper grades, ferrous and non-ferrous cans and plastic, RCP SYSTEMS recommends the L versions . Heavy materials such as industrial waste, newspapers, books, etc., can be optimally shifted with the P-versions of RCP SYSTEMS’ steel plate conveyor belts.

Our conveyor belts are used in the recycling cycle for a wide variety of materials, for instance in recycling centres, distribution centres, cardboard and paper mills, and waste transfer stations.

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