Waste to Energy – RCP SYSTEMS helps to generate energy from waste

Waste to Energy –
to generate energy from waste

Bale wrapping systems

Our bale wrapping machines offer the highest degree of quality.

In our generation, the protection of the environment and the climate is inconceivable without recycling. One essential contribution towards this is the generation of energy from waste materials and refuse. To keep the volume of waste as low as possible and yet waste density as high as possible, most recycling plants make use of balers and bale wrappers.

Waste pressed into bales is wrapped in plastic film with the help of wrappers of high technical quality. Wrapping the waste bales has the advantage that odours and liquids can no longer penetrate to the outside. Any residual liquid will remain in the bale, resulting in the guaranteed safe transport and dry storage of the waste.

If or when required, waste bales stored in this way can be used for energy generation in a waste incineration plant as a direct substitute for fossil fuels. Needless to say, RCP SYSTEMS will also remain your top partner after the sale: with its after-sale maintenance agreements, our company will provide you with optimal solutions.


Bale wrapping systems recycling

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